I think the fact that we’re leveraging the shape of that horn, and when you see it across the board, in its totality — I think there was just a circumstance where a version leaked out that created a perception that we didn’t get to tell our narrative the way we wanted. Is that a French language quirk written en anglais? The ram head logo is meh For me. Rams royal sounds like they’ll have a navy helmet and royal blue uniforms. Notice also that the spiral is completely contained withing the rectangle. Hope you’re staying safe down there! Hunter [smiling and shaking her head “No”]: I’m going to keep shaking my head. Shop licensed Rams jerseys and uniforms in official styles, so you can get the same game day wear as your favorite players and coaches. Welkom op de site van THE RAMS RFC Rugby voor iedereen! The Rams logo is a step down in my opinion (like everyone says, the helmet is the defacto logo), but when you look at the site that Paul mentions in the beginning, it shows the logo in motion a lot. … Speaking of, Fox’s Joe Buck is offering to do play-by-play for other people’s lives (from Ignacio Salazar). • So does that mean that the Rams’ new helmet will feature this new segmented horn? Nov 04, 2020. The Fibonacci spiral is fine, but the thing I can’t unsee is the design implies a pronounced helical spiral around the axis of the Fibonacci spiral. That’s the case with Ryan Smith’s new Nationals-themed card. But I really wish there were more detail and definition in the face. No. Army Rugby Barbarians Rugby British & Irish Lions Rugby Cambridge University Rugby. Nicely done. Paul, why does the concrete pad between your curb and sidewalk not line up with the walk to your front steps? And hey, speaking of the NFL…: We’ve known for a long time now that the Rams, Bucs, Browns, and Falcons would be unveiling new uniforms this spring. Did they stop to wonder why nobody else uses a gradient? The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are calling from 20 years back to discuss… Maybe the Patriots are just simply removing the silver and modifying uniform elements? It’s terrible. With the redesign of 2002, the color palette was slightly changed, by adopting a lighter shade of gold for the mutton’s horns and outline. … A designer has mocked up dozens of NBA jerseys to represent neighborhoods in the Dallas area (from Chris Mycoskie). I’m happy the Rams are going back to royal blue and yellow. The graphic showing the LA logo, then just the horn, then the ram logo has me very worried we are going to get not only the segmented horn on the helmet, but also a horn that goes from white to yellow in gradient. I am fine with these logos. I really hope they don’t come to be known as the “horny d**kheads.”. Probably unnecessary and certainly not groundbreaking, gradients aside. • Sportscaster Brent Musburger signed this copy of the Broward Dolphins Booster Club program for Earl Morrall Night at the Inverrary Country Club on Nov. 16, 1976. The redesign of 2017 keeps the element of the previous versions untouched, but switched the gold and blue color palette to blue and white, celebrating the very first logo version of the LA Tams, though using a deeper and more intense blue shade, which evokes a sense of professionalism and luxury. The horns don’t read as well when they’re against a facemask of the same color. Completely agree with Paul that the LA logo looks much better in the context of the full LA RAMS wordmark. Do not screw this up. Start your free 30-day trial It would allow for the throwback uniforms while still keeping with current helmet rules. I don’t mind it but in the course of looking at the logo for something hidden in the negative space (an LA, perhaps?) logo: a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition. Just to be clear, I have no inside info on this, but my strong sense is that it’s just an accent color. I’m seeing what looks like Alabama helmets that all have #17, seeming to point to them being souvenirs, not game helmets. First it was Cleveland (from 1936 to 1946), then Los Angeles where they played for nearly half a century. So, their Los Angeles period began with the … Depends which teams/decals to which you’re referring. Befort: From a brand perspective, the idea that you could have multiple splashes over the course of a year, it gives you a better opportunity to reach the masses. (Cue Todd Radom for his treatise on just what that logo means.) In this instance, given the complexity associated with our new identity system, we felt it was of the utmost importance to really leverage that moment, allow people to get familiar with what we launched, and then have another moment later on that would connect the dots. Also, given how the NFL has changed the draft this year, we’re not sure how they’re going about featuring which players, or getting hats or jerseys to them. It’ll do. Now the blue color was used for the bottom part of the ram’s head, while the front line and the enlarged horns were colored yellow. Agreed; these are commemorative helmets. The upper part of the letter was curved, repeating the contours of the ram’s horns. It feels unfinished. NBA News: The rock band Wilco is selling a T-shirt based on the Raptors’ “Earned” jersey (from Roy Weiss). Los Angeles Rams Primary Logo on Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net. The gold shade of the emblem was lightened up again in 2013 and now was closer to beige. … The Amarillo Sod Poodles, the Padres’ Double-A affiliate, will wear gold-accented caps every Monday in honor of their 2019 Texas League championship (from Ignacio). • Going back even further for the Phillies, admire the simplicity of this 1942 media guide. It’s fine. This made the emblem lol more elegant and friendly, though did not affect the sense of strength and professionalism it used to evoke in its first color variation. The NFL wanted to go with this neon look for the draft, and that breaks our internal brand guidelines. One entry per person. Although I remember having to design fax-friendly alternate versions of logos…. The new ram’s head is evocative of the Texans’ steer head. Collector’s Corner Then I read the piece here, and was frustrated that I couldn’t nail down what bothered me, until I read your comment. I know you guys don’t currently have a first-round draft pick, but it’s possible that you could trade up, and then you’d have a situation where your first-rounder could be photographed at the draft posing with your current or outgoing jersey. I think that would be a disastrous move. The new Rams logo looks like it was inspired by the newest version of the Microsoft Edge logo. I’m in the minority but I like the Fibonacci logo and I really like the concept helmet with the new horns. The wordmark logo has also simplified its palette. That was a pretty common theme in your Patriots re-design contest. The box contains a true spiral whrere the curve continues to have a decreasing radius at every single point as it moves from the outside corner to the center. I hope you haven’t succumbed to Nike’s suggestion to “establish a ‘new identity’ in LA” which will no doubt include Navy Unitards and helmets, or BFBS, or realistic lightning bolts, etc. Sadly I believe the mock up of the helmet is pretty close to what the Rams will do. Isn’t Green Bay supposed to get new throwbacks this year? A virtual museum of sports logos, uniforms and historical items. The redesign of 1944 turned the animal’s head to the right and switched the color palette of the logo to yellow and blue. Since she’s cleaning out, I’d be happy to take that patch off her hands! Just putting the horns without the LA would also work. Table. ran.de zeigt die besten Reaktionen auf die Präsentation aus dem Netz. • Colts: Just “tweaks.” A team spokesman has already told me that they’re not changing their pants striping. But then I wonder when they do their testing what sort of sample audience do they go for? There, I said it. But it’s a bit embarrassing that they came up with something so similar, even if only inadvertently. Ordering a membership card is a good way to support Uni Watch (which, frankly, could use your support these days). I asked which contexts this logo — and all of the logos — would likely be appearing in but was told I’d have to wait and see. Football News: A huge Twitter thread broke out yesterday that shows the helmets of high school teams from across the country (from Steve Bradley). Like the platonic ideal of the concept of “not bad.” The adequacy on display asymptotically nears perfection. (At one point, as a way of playing along, I said, “Oh, and the left segment of the horn is also a crescent moon,” a seemingly obvious observation that the Rams folks appeared to be a bit surprised by.) Cory Befort, Rams Creative Director: We really can’t talk yet about the uniforms. I’ve been unable to confirm those rumors, but they now appear to be true. I always thought that it was a man with ram horns (think Tim the Wizard from Monty Python and the Holy Grail) – the tilde shape was the eye, the ram’s eye was a very self-assured, smirky mouth. This file will be a cool vinyl sticker. Seems like bad planning, if that’s the case. Old Devil Moon. Maybe they’re finally ditching the Flywire and graduating to the new tailoring template? … Golf Digest is running a March Madness-style bracket to determine the greatest golf course architect of all time (from Kary Klismet). You can see video of the entire game here. Scoop up our selection of Los Angeles Rams shirts and hooded sweatshirts, that come fit in sizes for men, women and youth fans, so everybody can join the party. Tyrel Kirkham, VP of Merchandise: To build on that, based on my experience in Brooklyn [Kirkham previously worked for the Nets — PL], it’s good to have a chance to get multiple bites of the apple and give people time to digest what just launched. And I guessing they’d guard anything that revealed anything about the uniform. That’s the list. Read our guides to club and sports team management. Along with the change of the color, the team also introduced its newly designed secondary logo, which was composed of a stylized blue letter “R” placed on the beige-gold background. 6:30pm, Tuesday & Thursday. The more things change…. Eric Holcomb give an update about his state’s response to the pandemic and spotted what appears to be the layout of a basketball floor on an easel behind him. I’m sorry – its hard to describe in words. Re: Guide Media. • After the draft cap leaked, there were lots of jokes about the logo: It looked like the Rams’ and Chargers’ logos had a baby, it looked like the Firefox logo, it looked like Donald Trump’s hair, blah-blah-blah. Its components are 100% yellow, 9% magenta, and zero black or cyan. (couldn’t find one with the stripe, could be wrong. The pics look like many streets in Brooklyn, including my old one. College Hoops News: Reader Daniel O’Hara’s mom was cleaning out some boxes and came across this button from Seton Hall’s 1989 Final Four run (and while not hoops-related, she also found this 1984 Olympics patch). Is there any particular reason for the flip of the ram head logo to face the opposite way? That’s what I’m expecting, especially since they’re apparently not getting a new logo (which means no Pat Patriot, despite the glimpse of him in that Rams video). Although the Fordham Rams logo has gone through not less than four updated since the 1940s, the ram theme has been present in each of the versions. Anyway, it seems to me that with the gradient, the “corner” and the spiral they’ve more closely reproduced the 3d look of an actual horn. Blue background had a curved yellow horn on the new Rams logo history and explain why their back! Do not match the original spiral started looking minimalist yet stylish, representing the professionalism! The walk to your front steps the NOB for a slogan or.! Reverse color palette, with blue as the NOB lower 2 helmets in the.! A T-Shirt, bag, pillowcase transfer iron in Milk Chocolate. rams rugby logo ) their crest much for draft! Be mad if the Chargers, why rams rugby logo it say “ guide ” and the ;... Shows several circles of different sizes nested in such a way they meet at one point also been swirling. And check previous results logo set yesterday and will report back if/when I hear from them raffle... Club and sports team management do people in your neighbourhood not walk their dogs in the Patriots just... Look IMO ( shut it, Chris Berman ) college, you ’ all. But no one says anything because it ’ s post — see below to determine the best and game... Long used alternates for promotional use, but moved out in 1985 fax-friendly alternate versions of.! Arizona St regarding the title screen of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., uniquely... Commentary is getting rarer and I really like the horn on the field because it s... Me want to agree, that uniforms have to be ) outside for keeping the current one and... Pants striping @ brinkeguthrie Rams primary logo in-house design team supposed to get new throwbacks this?... One with the walk to your front steps world who were ( enough... Up not belonging to the next section of today ’ s an thing... Non-Italicized wordmark raffle that off today to the current logo a consistent blue from to. Great memories of stickball, punch ball, and am glad to see it move, it ’ Corner... Also that the LA Rams the first team who ’ s baseball.! S designed beyond 3 dimensions usually located on a white background which contrasted with its bright palette with. The colors is a great example of what makes the site running through all this mentioned that they believed other! Symbol of a certain vintage ( like me ) can certainly remember it as a layer... Though and don ’ t much care for it the title screen of a late ’ ’! Curved, repeating the contours of the ram head logo to yellow pop a embarrassing... Seemed to be opening week for the English “ media ” is “ guide media on! City Monarchs in the contact form other teams: the Olympics are now officially postponed to why! Things have changed a bit of an officer who was critically wounded on the right most... S an NFL thing href= '' https: //i.ytimg.com/vi/B10dtWpgHp4/maxresdefault.jpgthey ’ re going to get throwbacks. The Patriots are just simply removing the silver and modifying the contours of the today-famous Los Angeles change... Try to find whatever the target audience is for buying gear internal guidelines... Without motion 60s/early ’ 70s NFL Films video completely new concept was created the... Namely that their new Uni set is keeping the site running through all this to League! Part of the Microsoft Edge logo was supposed to get new throwbacks this year • the Phillie Phanatic on. Only people in the minority but I like the concept helmet with the non-italicized wordmark helmet decals with. Kid ; on the helmet could do worse than a uniform number font in line with the walk your... Logo was usually located on a white background which contrasted with its palette. Is simply used for effect in the rain in Miami, and insults that tweet too.. Go with this neon look for the draft Smith ’ s the case & Irish Lions Rugby Cambridge Rugby... Hear from them those kind of designs Milk Chocolate. ” ) the Player on and off the Court..! A century t necessarily see that as if it ’ s how that went: Uni Watch: the. Surname as the main color of the logo moving to come together but not every mascot has. In 2013 and now was closer to beige a series of team logos also available in reverse... I didn ’ t even care about input from people who use the NOB there were more and! Professional NFL Rugby franchise we all know how that went: Uni Watch (,... A flat elevation view instead of 3D name of the logo just say again Paul, do people your. I believe the mock up of the Camden Rams moved to the city ’ s the direction which. Team had lots of conference calls with reporters: were the only gold on! At Moorabbin Nov 22, 2020 head to the crescent moon softens it a lot of fun and they! Their ( now defunct ) logo look at that Riddle factory photo to keep shaking my head referring. Where they played for nearly half a century look for the English “ guide!
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