*Full ... *Description. Use Portfolio Manager reports to prioritize activities and investments, identify trends, share information with others, and establish more robust benchmarks. Has COVID-19 affected ENERGY STAR certification? Need Answers Fast? The first step in developing a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score is administering a survey that characterizes basic building characteristics and actual energy consumption for museums. Portfolio Manager Username. Oct 22, 2020; How do I Copy and Paste Data into my Meter? Portfolio Manager’s Help Desk has moved to a new url: https: ... (Recommended & Required for ENERGY STAR certification): Enter the energy consumption of each building according to its proportion of the natural gas that you purchased. Download the Portfolio Manager 101 PowerPoint Presentation (PDF, 6MB) (with notes included for each slide) for help from start-to-finish Contact Support Form. Browse the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Help Desk to see frequently asked questions or ask a new question. The ENERGY STAR Help Desk offers an extensive list of searchable FAQs as well as different avenues to contact EPA staff with questions. ... You don’t have to enter the steam meters into Portfolio Manager. Learn the benefits of benchmarking and how Portfolio Manager can help you save . Submit. Campus-33) or if a new one needs to be set up. Building Name or ID. Find what you need here. An energy efficiency score is the Energy Star Rating that a building earns using the United States Environmental Protection Agency online benchmarking tool, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, to compare building energy performance to similar buildings in similar climates. Choose from eight standard reports. Import from Energy Star Portfolio Manager Modified on: Thu, 20 Jun, 2019 at 1:45 PM Selecting the green 'Import Buildings' button on the right sidebar of the main ‘Buildings’ page will display a table of any buildings that have been shared with your Asset Score account from an Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) account. Contact the City of Portland Energy Reporting Help Desk to determine if the building has been assigned an existing campus ID (e.g. Do you have a Portfolio Manager Account. The ENERGY STAR scores are based on data from national building energy consumption surveys, and this allows Portfolio Manager to control for key variables affecting a building’s energy performance, including climate, hours of operation, and building size. EPA also offers Portfolio Manager Trainings that include full-length or short training videos, either in pre-recorded or live viewing formats. For a quick look at common performance metrics, choose from one of eight standard reports in Portfolio Manager: Performance Highlights; Energy Performance A map is provided to help you identify the closest station, which you can then choose from a dropdown list. ENERGY STAR Score. Portfolio Manager is up-to-date, EPA reviews data regularly and will update historical data on an annual basis to ... use. Tell us how we can help. Importing Energy Use Data from Portfolio Manager Modified on: Wed, 13 Nov, 2019 at 12:49 PM Energy use data entered for properties in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager (ESPM) may be imported in bulk to populate the Metered Energy and/or Delivered Energy tables. The file 'ENERGY STAR Workflow Diagram with Notes.pdf' contains a low resolution image of the diagram in the attached document 'ENERGY STAR Workflow.pdf' and also includes notes that correspond to the numbers in parentheses shown in the workflow diagram.

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